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Back Pain and Sciatica Relief

Back & Sciatica Pain Relief Hot Springs, AR

Studies show at least 80% of Americans will experience lower back pain at some point in their life. The question that arises with this statistic is how many of these 80% will return to normal function with the same level of confidence in their back after the typical 46 week recovery? As well, the spine is often a repeat offender and so with each “going out” one will potentially lose more confidence and control over the problem. The spine is a complex movement system that when injured can often harbor ongoing imbalances to cause one to have a back that cannot be trusted to perform as it did in the past. Even if you are feeling better, pain is not always a good guide to determine if your spine is working optimally.

In looking at many of the categories of injury listed below, one significant factor that is driving a spine to break down prematurely are muscle imbalances that allow excessive stress to concentrate on joints, muscles, or disc tissues. One of the critical issues to note with the spine is that it is a very interdependent system. When one area of control or motion is lost, the stage is set for stress to concentrate on vulnerable segments. These segments are often the lowest two in the back, L4, and L5 which can lead eventually to pain, joint changes, disc herniation, arthritis, and stenosis in other words spinal breakdown.

Physical therapy is the profession that looks at the spine as an interdependent system and takes all factors related to muscle imbalance, instability, weakness, and tightness into account to restore optimum function. This process will require active participation by the patient both physically and mentally to exercise, learn, and move in ways that unload the stressed area of the back. This ultimately results in the patient developing their own internal control of the problem and rebuilds the ability to trust their spine to perform as needed. It is an investing process but one well worth the effort when your goals have been met. Spa City Therapy’s main specialty is spinal rehabilitation.

Common conditions our physical therapist help:

● Low back pain
● Sciatica
● Spinal stenosis
● Spinal arthritis /neck arthritis
● Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) / Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD)
● Herniated disc
● Bulging disc
● Radiating pain

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