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common-causes-shoulder-pain Apr10th 2019

Try Physical Therapy for These 5 Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

Physical therapy is a safe, effective and non-invasive treatment option that is designed to relieve pain resulting from a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, sports injuries, workplace injuries and more. Regular appointments with a physical therapist are ideal for people of all ages. Patients typically see a physical therapist to help manage chronic pain symptoms

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shoulder-pain Feb10th 2018

How To Relieve Shoulder Pain

Do you have aching shoulders? Do you know that the problem could be a result of rotator cuff damage? That’s right, your shoulder pain that comes along with certain motions or that you notice during sleep could be a result of rotator cuff issues.   What Does The Rotator Cuff Do?   Like most parts

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Jul4th 2017

Test for Shoulder Pain in Less Than 30 Seconds

Self-Test for Shoulder Pain I had something really cool happen to one of our patients, Melody, last Friday that I want to share with you. She came in with severe shoulder pain that was really affecting her quality of life. She had been dealing with this for over 7 months after hitting a deer while

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