Attention Knee Pain and Arthritis Sufferers! By Request…

“How to Successfully Recover from a Total Knee Replacement"  Workshop



    When: Thursday, November 14th @ 2:00 PM

    Location: Coronado Fitness Center             Hot Springs Village

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      You want to ensure a SUCCESSFUL recovery following knee surgery

    • 2

      You're tired of missing out on activities like golf, tennis, or hiking because you're knee hurts too much

    • 3

      You've put off surgery because you've found yourself worrying more about complications rather than living your life

    • 4

      You're looking for answers to your frustrating knee pain and just want to get back to normal

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      You want to know more about new cutting edge technology that speeds up recovery by weeks

    Lee Sowerbutts, PT

    "Following my recent knee surgery, Village Golf and Physical Therapy tailored a specific physical therapy treatment plan for me that included using Blood Flow Restriction therapy (BFR). Using the BFR therapy along with other exercises, my recovery went very well and I was back to doing the things I enjoy with full use of my knee. The entire staff at VGPT is well trained, gave me their undivided attention during my rehab and they really care about their patients making a full recovery."

    Tom Funk -Hot Springs Village

    "“After my knee replacement surgery, I knew the rehab would not be fun after talking to several friends about how painful it was. I choose VGPT and what a pleasant experience. I was never in real pain. I am three months out from surgery and am back to normal everything and looking forward to playing tennis in the good weather”."

    JoAnn Tate -Hot Springs Village