Test for Shoulder Pain in Less Than 30 Seconds

Jul4th 2017

Self-Test for Shoulder Pain

I had something really cool happen to one of our patients, Melody, last Friday that I want to share with you. She came in with severe shoulder pain that was really affecting her quality of life. She had been dealing with this for over 7 months after hitting a deer while driving home from work. I’ll talk more about her in a second.

I began wondering this morning, do you or anyone you care about struggle with the same kinds of shoulder problems as Melody? I’m talking about things like reaching up to a shelf, or behind your back when you’re getting dressed? Do you have pain when you reach into the back seat of your car? Does your shoulder bother you when you sleep on it at night? Maybe, you have a spouse or a close friend that you’ve seen have these problems.

If so, I have something that might help you. It’s my 30 Second Self-Test for Shoulder Pain that will help you identify what may be causing your shoulder problem.

Luckily, if you identify what is causing your shoulder pain early enough there are steps you can take to reverse it!! But first, we want to see what is really going on.

Here’s the test

  1. With the painful arm, reach behind your back and up between your shoulder blades as far as you can. Note if you have any pain, tightness or achiness.
  2. Then with the non-painful arm, do the same thing. (Check out the picture below)

If there’s a difference from side to side… then there’s a really good chance you have at least the beginning signs of what we call shoulder impingement.

Remember Melody?… 7 months is a long time to be suffering with pain!! See what happened on her first visit with us here->AMAZING!!!

If you are looking for answers to your questions and some relief from your shoulder pain email us here at info@spacitytherapy.com

Kind regards,

Lee Sowerbutts

PT , Owner Spa City Therapy and Village Golf & Physical Therapy Center