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Welcome To Spa City Therapy

Over the course of Spa City Therapy’s history there have been many changes in our healthcare community, yet we have remained an independent Physical Therapy owned practice that has survived and grown because we have established a reputation of producing the results our patients and referral sources expect.


How to Successfully Recover Following a Total Knee Replacement

July 21 Friday
West Shores 2607 Albert Pike
  • How to Successfully Recover Following a Total Knee Replacement
    Jul 5
  • Back Pain Workshop
    Jul 5
  • Golfers with Back Pain
    Jul 5

Our Practice

Spa City Therapy opened its doors in 2001 with a mission to serve the Hot Springs community. Lee was motivated to start his practice on one basic premise –To provide the highest quality physical therapy on an individual basis. The practice has grown over the past ten years and has recently expanded to include the Hot Springs Village area. Our vision of helping patients reach their physical potential has remained a constant. Our facilities are designed to provide a professional environment that facilitates a more therapeutic atmosphere for our patients and pleasant working space for our staff.

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what our patients say

Jul 5th I had terrible pain in my lower back and as a younger person this frightened me. I’m feeling great now and have been provided with the tools to keep myself fit for the future…. Finally, my back feels great!

Beau H.

Jul 5th “When I started therapy, in my head, I was wondering how PT would fix a nerve issue. How bad was I wrong. Only one week after starting PT, I was able to get in & out of my car with less pain. I could...

Ceraphin M.

Jul 5th “I was involved in a car accident and as a result was walking with a cane, neck brace, and back brace at the age of 31. Now I can play with my rugrats! Before I was unable to perform the way a father should…...

Justin L.

Jul 5th “I had a humerus fracture. I had very little movement in my arm when I came here. Now I am able to do most activities without difficulty. I’m so thankful for the care I received here.”

Donna J.

Jul 5th After my rotator cuff surgery, I had very limited movement in my shoulder and arm. I was discouraged. I could not lift my arm to pull a shirt over my head. Now I can dress myself, reach up and heat my coffee in the...

Linda B.

Jul 5th I developed a frozen right shoulder and sought therapy here to avoid surgery. The pain was so bad I could not hold a cell phone in my right hand… it was horrendous. Today the shoulder is greatly improved and no surgery was needed. I’ve...

Susie O.

Jul 5th Before PT I could not bend or straighten my knee. Getting in and out of a chair was both painful and challenging. I now have no problems with either. I started with a walker and cane following knee replacement surgery. I leave walking with...

Buddy B.

Jul 5th I am now able to do everyday tasks without excruciating pain

Kris W.

Jul 5th “Everyone had a smile on their face each visit which made me work harder to recover, I felt that they truly cared for me and they were there for me always. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone who needs PT.”

Angela J

Jul 5th “I now can dance with my wife using my left arm again. Getting our bikes off the bike rack was a task that use to be impossible. I could go on, but to say that I am happy is an understatement.”

Rick D.

Jul 5th “…I had lost hope of ever using my hands again. I am making great progress and now I can play a few chords on my ukulele, and that is important to me.”“

Amy D.


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