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injuries May10th 2018

Preventing and Treating Sports Injuries

Exercise is an important part of life in order to become or stay healthy. For many people, sports are a fun way of burning extra calories, socializing and getting fit. Unfortunately, this also means the occasional sports injury, or a flare-up of an old injury or condition. You don’t have to be a professional or

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pain Jan10th 2018

Is Pain Stopping You From Getting Back in the Game?

Sports represent a healthy way to stay in shape, enjoy socialization with friends and family, and provide an effective outlet for stress. Nothing else in life compares to the invigorating and stimulating enjoyment that comes from participating in sports. As you play, however, you may develop some pain or injuries that prevent you from fully

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Jul4th 2017

Sports Physical Therapy in Hot Springs

Sports Physical Therapy In Hot Springs The South is filled with professional athletes, and as a result, there tends to be a lot of sports related injuries here in Hot Springs, AR. When you experience injuries and pain, especially from the result of a sports accident, you should definitely check into Sports physical therapy. Physical

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